Truthful vs. Fake Reviews: How to Make the Difference?

If you’ve ever ordered papers from online services, you probably realized there were many scammers in that industry. Some companies take your money for worthless papers or missed deadlines, but you can’t get any revisions or refunds no matter how persistent you are in the attempts to contact the support. That’s why you read reviews before ordering papers online.

Reading a review before using a service is a smart thing to do. You get insights about the company’s reputation, prices, policies, and quality. However, you can’t afford to make the mistake of trusting a biased review. Many companies pay for positive recommendations, so these fake reviewing services work to their advantage while diminishing the reputation of competitive websites. You want to avoid these swindlers and recognize their attempts to trick you in the wrong direction!

How to Recognize Reviewing Services that Cheat

There are few indicators that reveal a scamming reviewing website:

  • The evaluations are either extremely positive or extremely negative. When the biased reviewing service recommends a particular website, it uses exaggerating claims like best, outstanding, top, cheapest, really affordable, most cost-effective, the best writers, the best customer support, and so on. When they are warning you about the websites that are competitive to the ones they are bragging about, they use claims like too expensive, worst quality, extremely bad support, narrow choice of services, etc.
  • When a scamming reviewer recommends a particular website, he will tell you that the prices are affordable. If you see that the other reviews at the website say that other services are expensive, but you see that their prices are close to the ones labeled affordable in the other review, keep looking elsewhere because you’re not getting truthful information.
  • A cheating review is too general. It tells you how awesome the website is, it informs you about the price, and it tells you how you can contact the team of customer support agents. However, scamming reviews rarely inform you about the quality these services deliver, since they don’t order actual papers. If they claim they have ordered papers, their feedback is also general, like: the paper was awesome, high-quality, and similar claims that don’t tell you any specific information about the content.
  • They call you to action. If you see statements similar to “this is the best writing service out there, so order your paper today,” you should consider yourself warned: that’s a scamming review website.
  • Beware of affiliate links!

What to Look for in a Truthful Review

An honest reviewing service will leave the final choice to you. It will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of the services being reviewed. If the reviews recommend a particular service because it met the expectations of the team, you won’t see any direct calls to actions or affiliate links. You can compare the reviews on this website and make your own decision. That’s the whole point of a reviewing service.

You will also see an open comment section that allows you to share your feedback on different services. That’s a website you can trust.

The most notable factor that makes a difference between a truthful and scamming reviewing service is an experience. When you realize that the team has ordered papers from the company and they share their specific impressions, you can trust them.