8 Smart Insights to Manage Your College Time

College time is a special time. If you don’t realize it right now, you will once you’re done with it. You will think: well, if I did that better, I probably would have achieved X, Y, Z. See, we’ll realize that if we only managed our time better in college, everything would have been different.

Well, if you’re a student, you should hang on for a few more minutes and read this post until the end. Here are 8 insights that should give you a better perspective and ability over your time. Pay attention and take action!

1. Note Your Semester Deadlines

The moment you find out the schedule for this semester’s courses, you should note down all the important deadlines such as exams, projects, and homework due dates on your calendar. Don’t forget about the date & time of your courses!

You’d better get a digital calendar on your laptop/PC’s desktop. This thing will be super useful because it will allow you schedule both short-time and long-time activities. Or, you can look for a calendar app for your phone, too.

Doing so will help you plan ahead the busy weeks of the semester. A calendar will always keep you safe, and it won’t let you make extracurricular plans which you’ll eventually have to cancel.

2. Schedule Your Week Ahead

Now that you’ve set all your important deadlines in your calendar, you can start planning your week and prepare for the hard times. Doing this allows you to break down any large homework or project into more chunks so you can manage it easily.

For instance, let’s say that by the end of the semester you have to do a research paper. Instead of letting dealing with it for the week before it’s due, organize it so you’ll work on it one or two times a week. This way you’ll have it done by the deadline or ahead.

3. Craft a To-Do List Every Day

Every night before you go to sleep, organize your day ahead. Even better, you should make this a habit. Maybe during the other day, you included extra activities in your weekly schedule. Anyhow, you should establish a daily goal/s to keep your week on track.

You can and should prioritize your tasks by coloring them according to their degree of importance. Red for high importance, orange for medium importance, and yellow for low importance.

4. Set Reminders

College student life is, by nature, a busy life with a lot of things going on. Therefore, there’s always a chance for you to forget about your study sessions and to miss your deadlines.

All this trouble can be easily avoided if you set reminders on your phone. Use a reminder app or service where you can set all your deadlines or special reminders. Why not go old school and use post-it? Leave them in the places like on your laptop’s screen, fridge, or desk.

5. Make Time for Everything

Your schedule should give you time for all the important things you must do in a day, so never ever overload it. You’re not a machine, don’t treat yourself like that. And by important things, I’m talking about both your mental and physical well-being.

So, make time for enough sleep, balanced meals, and regular exercise. The way you take care of these things will determine how successful you are. Also, as we agreed above, you’re not a machine, so feel more than free to add some fun to your schedule.

As well, if you just went through a rough week full of exams and survived well, make sure you reward yourself accordingly for all the efforts. Rewarding is also a good motivation tool which will definitively help you achieve your goals.

6. Keep Your Schedule Flexible

You see, things happen in our life, either we like it or not. You have an emergency in your family, you catch a flue, or your spouse breaks up with you. All of these things you simply can’t predict a week before.

Therefore, the wisest thing to do is to keep your scheduling as flexible as possible and never ever let your homework or projects on the last-minute. If you take my advice, then no matter what happens, you’ll be able to manage to keep your schedule on the track without worrying.

7. Avoid Distractions While You Study

Discipline can be the key to your success. So, leave all your possible distractions for the free time and not for the time you designed for study.

To accomplish this easier, turn off your Internet and put the phone away. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to check every text or Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest notification.

8. Adopt the Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro technique is a study strategy which involves several 25 minutes intervals of focused work with a max 5 minutes break. It’s very simple actually. You must keep working in 25 minutes intervals until your task is done. In the end, if you managed to work without any distraction, you can take a 30 minutes break.


Look, being a student is not easy. What I can advise you is this: if you want to change your life, you must change your ways. Give more 100% in everything you do and put your focus on the causes that will lead to the best effects. Plan your future and think long-term. Lastly, be consistent and don’t give up so easily!

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