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The web is full of apps and websites that provide a wealth of different tools and services to help students succeed.  Sorting through all these sites and apps can take a lot of time until you find the tools that work best for you. That is why we have done some of the work for you.
The following tools and websites are popular among many students and we think you will find them helpful too.  In this article we will examine several different apps and websites and point out why they are good choices for students.


wolframalpha toolThis site provides a computational tool that can calculate just about any type of math problem as well as provide a step by step solution to a math problem. This site also provides analytical data and even information about mythology, songs, awards, artwork and texts among other types of information.  It is an amazing site that can provide substantial in-depth assistance to students for a variety of subjects and topics.


Instagrok is a website you can use to research a topic and get a customized concept map to help make your studying more fun and effective.  The interactive visual interface will help you remember important information with greater ease.


For students that have trouble maintaining their focus when studying orworking on homework or a project check out Self-Control. Self-control is an open source application from Apple for Mac OS-X that lets you block your own access to distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, your email or any other internet site. You set the time you want to block your access and add the sites you want blocked to the blacklist.  Then study without any annoying interruptions.

Ice Cream Apps

icecreamapps tool

Most students receive homework assignments that require use of the web. Ice Cream Apps offers software that makes capturing screenshots, creating slideshows, converting video formats, converting documents and images to PDF’s and splitting or merging PDF’s easy and quick.  You can even resize images or read your favorite books in a variety of formats using their ebook reader.

Stack Exchange

stack exchange tool

Stack exchange is a network of 15 communities. These communities are created and run by experts and enthusiasts about specific topics.  It provides a library of high quality questions and answers.  Students can use it to research different topics or get answers to specific questions.


cheatography toolThis is a really interesting site that provides cheatsheets on a variety of topics.  Students can use the information as a study guide or for a quick review.


This website offers students the ability to listen to video presentations on the fly. It does not require Wi-FI nor will it affect their data plan. You can just drop the URL of the video you want to listen to into Flvto and go.


bibme toolThis website helps students create citations quickly and easily. It is an automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. Students can choose their style, search for a book, article, website, or film or enter in the title directly.  One that is done it is added to your bibliography. This tool also provides the opportunity to add in annotations. It provides APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago and many more academic styles to handle just about any type of assignment requiring a bibliography.


lynda toolLynda provides a huge online learning library of video courses including business, leadership, marketing, project management, IT, web development, design, photography and much more. There are costs involved with using these course but they can provide supplemental learning and source material for students.


slack toolSlack is another useful collaboration tool that also integrates with Dropbox.  It connects teams so it is very useful for students working on team projects or for study groups. Slack will provide your team with efficient, open communication and keep your team organized as you move between various applications.


Dropbox is another app that will help you stay organized by keeping all your files updated, synced and backed up.  You can also use it to collaborate with other students by sharing files.


student rate toolStudentrate is a great site where students can find special deals and discounts on all types of products including textbooks, loans, items for your dorm room. electronics, travel, and clothing.


If you are feeling pinched for money then Half can help you. Half is a site where you can save and earn money by buying and selling your textbooks online.  This is not the only site that lets students buy and sell textbooks but it is the easiest site to use.

Dragon Diction

For students that are well organized and can think clearly Dragon Diction can save you a lot of time. When you are under a time crunch consider dictating your thoughts and let Dragon Diction transform your words into text.


The TED website is full of motivational speeches that are highly informative on a broad range of subjects. It can be a great resource for brain storming ideas and finding resources for your school projects.

Google Calendar

For the busy student there is no better way to stay organized than using Google Calendar.  It is reliable and has a lot of great smart phone apps.


For the budget conscious student Mint is a great little tool that helps you set up a budget, track your spending and view all of your financial accounts in one place.


Koofers is a great site for exam preparation and study.  You can access flashcards, exams, old tests and study guides to help you be as prepared as possible for your upcoming tests.

Open Study

Open study makes the world your study group. You can get instant online help with mathematics, chemistry, English and lots of other subjects while you meet new friends and grow your personal network. You can also volunteer and earn recognition and rewards.  It increases your access to some of the best minds around the world and gives you a chance to show off your own knowledge.


Benchprep offers students a broad library of interactive test preparation courses. In addition, they also provide a large base of flashcards, practice questions and study questions to help you prepare.

Real calc

quartic software toolThis is a scientific calculator for Android. This calculator software is brilliant and offers a variety of modes to accomplish the most complicated calculations.  There is an FAQ and help available should you have any problems.  You no longer need to fear calculations when you have real calc at your fingertips.


These are just a few of the many different apps andwebsites available that provide a wealth of information and support to students. No matter what your specific need is there is an app or website that can help. From apps that tell you when to go to bed and when to get up to ensure your optimal functioning to apps that take dictation, keep you organized, find the best deals, help you collaborate with other students and sites that offer study aids and information, create bibliographies and provide step by step calculations there is no excuse for students not to excel.  The web has made it easier than ever to get help with all of your academic needs.  Students simply need to read and do the research to find the software and apps that best fit their own personal style.  Whether you choose to use tools from our list or you find other tools that work for you better share them with your peers.  Spread the word about the wonderful internet tools available to help you and your friends succeed in school.


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