College Admission Essay

College application essay

For the longest time, I knew I was meant to be in the music world, inspiring others with my music and passion. I could always see myself composing, researching, gaining insight into the history of music and releasing my inner creativity, and touching the hearts and minds of others with what I had inside of my soul and being.
Other fields never quite caught my attention. While other students saw themselves in engineering and science labs, I saw the excitement in music notes and rhythm. I saw myself behind a piano, composing and enjoying for hours and hours, endlessly trying to release my emotions through every note I played. For as long as I can remember, I was singing and creating my own tunes with everything I could find around the house. Then when I was a bit older my mother took me to every concert and performance she could, because that’s when I was the happiest.

Music in all its form fascinates me, but creating music holds a special place in my heart. This fascination pushes me to the limits and makes me grow and develop myself all the time. My obsession with music and finding an oasis for myself to grow and learn more about the object of my fascination led me to Indiana Unversity. Visiting the art centers, museums and systems of libraries made me feel like a kid in a candy store. I immediately got so excited that I started writing my application letter as soon as I got home.

I spent every day, and sometimes nights, of my summer break gathering knowledge from every book I could find, sharpening my skills and getting in touch with my creativity in order to enroll in your program and contribute to your university with my unique vision and skills. Even when I felt like I was out of that league, I was still motivated. Something inside of me kept me going. I was so confident that I am special and unique, and that I need to find a way to incorporate my authentic vision through music. All those concerts and performances carved an image of hardworking and persistent artists in my head that seemed to never give up. Not a single musician or artist is perfect, that’s for sure. But what kept me going, even when I wasn’t up to standards, was that they all constantly work to be perfect.

During the summer break, I enrolled in every project I could find. I pushed and tested my patience and learning capacity to the limit. When it was my time to compose a song for the local festival of music and dance, things got interesting. I experimented and spent most of my time in my improvised studio. It was my time to shine, and although I felt a lot of pressure, I enjoyed every minute of it. From late nights composing, to creating a variety of versions and experimenting, the entire time I felt like I was on cloud nine. Even the moments when I was desperate and saw no creative solution, I still felt like this is what I should be doing. Before I knew it, my song had won a special award at the festival and I was scheduled for interviews to speak about my unique vision and techniques. It was the first time when I felt a breakthrough. I wasn’t just a lonely music enthusiast trying to become something. I was someone who brought his vision to life through music, and other’s could see it too. It is that power of transfering and connecting with other people and influencing their emotions and thoughts, that really made me sure that I need to be one with the music.

Overall, that achievement only made my love for music and art stronger. I felt like I was the one with art. I felt like I am art. That sense of belonging only confirmed my love for music.I felt more inspired, motivated and eager to create than ever before. I have always dreamed of performing and creating music, but ever since the festival, I dream only of the future. Creating music and becoming one with art is my future, and that future is only possible if I completely follow my dreams and immerse myself in music.

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