Plagiarism and the Essay Writing: Don’t Get into a Trouble while Crafting Your Paper

From the beginning of your school year, you hear about plagiarism. Your teachers and instructors are talking about it during the class. You understand why it’s bad and how you may run into a trouble while crafting your essay paper.  Yet, when your paper is almost due you are starting worrying, even panic. What if while checking my paper my teacher will find the plagiarism? What is plagiarism and how can I avoid it?

Everything will be all right, just keep reading and find out what exactly plagiarism is and how to avoid it in your essay paper writing.

What is plagiarism?

Probably, you are one of the students who wanted to ask what plagiarism is but was shy to do it in front of your class. Moreover, you were not confident about its understanding and miss out tips how to identify it in your paper.

So, plagiarism is using another person’s words or ideas without giving a credit to the author. You definitely know this definition as it comes from Merriam-Webster! But it is a little bit unclear and it doesn’t allow you to fully understand the notion. Moreover, your research on a book or another work would be definitely full of pieces of evidence and the majority of them are someone’s ideas, right?

Let’s show you some examples of plagiarism, it will be easier for you to detect it and avoid. Here we go:

  • You have used someone else’s exact quote without any quotation marks
  • You have copied someone else works from start to finish without any change
  • You have not properly attributed the quote to the author following your college/school/university style guide
  • You have paraphrased a sentence too closely to the original text

Okay, you know about all these types of plagiarism. Yet, you still not sure how to make your paper original and if it is possible doing so.  No worries, we are planning to share more information with you.

Why can plagiarism kill your paper?

Plagiarism can be deadly for your papers and dangerous for your grades. Even, if you have accidentally committed an act of plagiarism. Why is it so dangerous? And why your teachers are so worried about it?

It’s easy. Any idea of any other person is their intellectual property, and when you are re-using it in writing without an attribution to the author it is like stealing. And as you know, stealing is illegal, so plagiarism is illegal as well.

Moreover, it’s easy to check if your paper or some part of it was plagiarized. There are hundreds of free plagiarism checkers for web content, academic writing or any other writing you need to check. It’s difficult to cheat the system – so you should work to avoid plagiarism.

Any essay paper you write should be your work and you need to share your ideas in the copy to get high marks. Otherwise, why you are ordered to write it? Never ever try to cheat your instructors. And below you will find some tips to avoid plagiarism in your papers.

How to stay away from plagiarism in an essay paper?

Plagiarism and the essay writing 2Now, you had been told a lot of horror stories about plagiarism and the consequences you may face. So we need to come up with a good solution you can use while writing your papers. Here are three easy to follow methods to avoid plagiarism and save yourself from bad grades for the papers and troubles at your educational institution.

So, here we go!

There are three methods you may use to avoid plagiarism: citing sources, using quotation marks and paraphrasing.  In most cases, it’s a good idea to mix these three methods in your papers to get the best quality and originality.

Method 1: Citing

Make sure you are familiar with the citation style your instructor required to use. APA, MLA, and Chicago are the most widespread ones. Make sure that you have included all sources supporting or opposing your arguments. You should use in-text and of course full citations.

If you won’t include all the citations you have used, your writing may be recognized as plagiarism.

Method 2: Quotation Marks

So, the second way to avoid plagiarism is using quotation marks. You may quote a sentence or a part of it to support your essay paper. However, make sure that you are quoting naturally, not just filling the gaps and adding more text to your essay paper. Don’t forget about putting the reference to the work you have quoted and follow the citing style.

Also, you should remember that using separate words from the source without the context is not treated as plagiarism; however, putting quotation marks won’t look natural as well.

Method 3: Paraphrasing

When you are making any sort of research you will probably paraphrase a lot. So after collecting all sources, you will probably use some meaningful information to draw your conclusions. Paraphrasing is super useful method since it’s easy and you don’t need to quote the whole source. It helps you summarize the point, yet, you may still put the reference to the idea’s author if needed, but it is done in the list of sources but not in the text.

As you see it’s not so hard to get rid of plagiarized content in your paper. These three methods we covered are super easy to follow and you won’t get into the trouble with them. In the end, you might check your paper with any plagiarism checker online and re-write the parts which are considered to be copied and pasted.

If you have some other tips and tricks to avoid plagiarism in the paper, please feel free to share them with us, so we can include them into our article or create a new one inspired by your original ideas.

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