Is the Best Writing Service to Hire? Review:

Let’s not act all fancy; all students are after one thing when trying to buy papers online: an affordable price! Of course, they also want top quality, no matter how affordable the price is. In terms of affordability, seems like the perfect option. You notice some attractive things about the website as soon as you see it:

  • It’s affordable
  • There are samples that you can check out
  • The range of services is pretty cool

That sounds cool, but is it reliable? The samples don’t look that great, and there are complaints about plagiarism in some testimonials.

Let’s get into details. We’ll offer a clear and reliable review, so you’ll decide if this is the perfect service for you.

“I’m very disappointed. I was attracted by the price of this service, probably the lowest of those that I saw … Having received my paper, I realized that this price was due to poor quality. I think their writers are far from the level – native” – Ivan.


The prices are extremely affordable. And when I say extremely affordable, I’m serious. The quotes per page are the highlight of this prices review. As the name implies, they start at $6. That’s the quote per page you get for Standard Quality with a deadline of 10 days. If you compare this price chart to other services, you’ll notice it’s way more affordable. price

There are two levels of quality: Standard and Premium. The deadlines range from 10 days to 24 hours. The quotes range between $6 and $24 per page. At other sites, you’ll pay at least double. This brings us to the inevitable question: are these prices realistic? You can’t expect a professional writer with a graduate degree to write high-quality content for $6 per page. So is this service legit?

No. They want you to think that these prices are for unique papers. But they are for paraphrasing. That means that a freelancer with no previous experience will work on your paper. They will find content online and rephrase the sentences. If you’re after absolutely unique content, you might wonder: is cheating? It’s cheating whenever plagiarism is involved. In this case, there’s plagiarism in the work of these writers.

Discounts and Special Offers discount

With prices this affordable, you can’t really expect discounts. Here, you actually get one! The discount of 25% for new users is often being mentioned in reviews. It’s a really cool offer.

As for special features, you can choose your preferred citation standard. But don’t expect too much with that; these writers won’t cite the sources they use. It’s paraphrasing. They might mention a source or two, but they won’t format it the way you want it.

The funny thing is that you have to pay to get the paper proofread. That service costs an additional $4.95 to your order. If you want an originality report, you’ll have to pay an extra $2.95.

Website Usability

The website is okay. There’s enough information for you before ordering the paper. You can see what services the company offers, and you can check out the prices. There’s even a blog, which adds a touch of functionality at the website.

You can also go through the policies. The revision policy is a bit tricky. The company protects itself against delivering unlimited revisions. It always charges extra for this service, and they outline the policy in a way to stay safe while doing so.

Customer Support

We’re always happy to see a live chat as the foundation of the support system. But in this case, it doesn’t work. The representatives are almost never online. Does this service even have representatives? We tried contacting the support several times and never got an answer.

Delivery and Quality

Our review for is based on real experience. We ordered an essay on the website, so we could see if the price is worth paying. We ordered a simple essay, but we still chose Premium level, since we wanted the best quality.

What did we get? It was a lousy paper that couldn’t even meet the needs of a high-school student. The grammar was bad, so it was obviously written by a non-native English speaker. When we asked for free revisions, they said since we didn’t add proofreading as an extra feature in the order, we’d have to pay to get the paper edited.

What Makes 6DollarEssay Different from Other Services?

The affordable prices are the highlight of our 6 Dollar Essay review. Six dollars is a very low price for academic content. But the quality you get also makes this service different. It’s not satisfactory. The writers are non-native English speakers, without a proper understanding of grammar and style. The papers are useless for higher levels of education.


At first sight, 6 Dollar Essay doesn’t look like a scam. The policies are clearly outlined, and there are samples that seem okay. But when we started using the service, we realized there were many issues with the quality. It’s no wonder why students are so suspicious of the cheapest writing services. They are almost always a waste of money and time. That’s definitely the case with 6DollarEssay.

Written by: AnalyzEdu
Date published: 01/03/2019
4.3 / 10 stars


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