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Essayservice is a custom assignment website that aims to help students of all academic levels.

The web domain presents a vague name as well as a menu with various hyperlink sections. claims to have a 4.8 or 4.9 rating on sites such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

In this review of EssayService, you’re going to find out if the online service is trustworthy. review

Is legit?

The site claims to have a trademarked name and a secured domain. Still, you cannot verify that by clicking on the icons at the end of the page because the figures are just images. According to this review, the website is inaccurate in its detailed info.


The website provides a list of services on the menu. They claim to offer students any paper they need regardless of their academic level. Other than that, however, Essayservice doesn’t give out much information about their services. So, according to our review, the site is yet again unclear about what they can offer.


If you click the “Our Team” button in the menu, you can check out the writers of this writing service.

The writers are supposedly certified to offer custom essay help, although you can’t find any diplomas on their site. Also, the usernames of all writers are odd. For example, one of them has the name of “Keen Writer” and no profile picture. writers

As a student, you want to know who writes your college paper, and Essayservice doesn’t help you with that at all. Instead, they give the impression of being an unprofessional service.

For this EssayService review, we chatted with one of the writers, and they were not proficient in English as the website claims.


Essayservice claims to be one of the best essay writing services and to provide premium papers. So, we wanted to test that.

After we contacted a couple of writers, we decided to order a research paper on the Great Barrier Reef with a deadline of a week. The writer stopped writing to us after four days, and when we asked for a refund, we got denied.

Then, the tenth day after our order, the writer sent us the final article: grammar errors, odd formatting, no images, mixed styles, and no reference section.

Later that week, we ordered a term paper from another writer. Needles to say, the result was a disappointment as it didn’t fulfill our requirements. The writer repeated the same grammar and formatting errors and missed the deadline.

We also read other reviews that confirm our experience. Some reports talk about incomplete papers and extra editing costs.

Prices pricesConveniently, the most detailed part of the website is the “Order Essay” section. The page opens up to an in-depth guide that teaches you how to order a paper. EssayService seems to encourage you to buy an article without knowing too much about them.

You can select the type of service, type of essay you need, the deadline, and the length of the document. Finally, the calculator estimates your price. The quotes are similar to other services, but for the quality offered, Essayservice is expensive.

The pricing system is also inaccurate because two essays with different academic levels have the same cost. Offering dissertation writing help for the college level is different from the university level.

We also took into consideration other EssayService reviews. Some say that they paid extra for editing and even for formatting. Others complain about denied refunds and promotional codes that don’t work.

For the papers we mentioned previously, we paid $40 on both of our documents.

Customer service

The first time you access Essayservice, a message corner pops up. Then the browser title starts flashing and stops only if you click it.

The website advertises that a real person runs the chat. However, the conversation is managed by a bot because of the image and the name which seem made-up.

The site offers customer service through:

  • 24/7 chat box;
  • A message box in the “Support” section at the bottom;
  • A FAQ section.

According to some customer service reviews, Essayservice doesn’t offer 24/7 support because they won’t answer the doubts of their clients on time. Some reports state that writers don’t communicate well with customers and that the chat box is useless.


It’s clear that is not the best essay writing service on the internet.

The site isn’t interested in helping you with your academic article. Instead, it offers you papers full of errors for unreasonable prices. Moreso, various reviews confirm that customer support is inadequate and incomplete. So, if you want a high-quality paper, avoid

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