You wouldn’t exactly think of sharks when looking for a writing service, would you? Well, might change that. This innovative writing company attracts a great deal of attention. It offers attractive advantages:

  • Bidding system – you choose your own writer
  • Relatively affordable prices, depending on the writer you choose
  • Constant contact with the author

It’s nice to try something different from time to time. We liked the overall concept with bidding, but did we like the paper we got? Read this review to find out.

“I got a nice paper, but I wouldn’t use the site again. That bidding took too much time I didn’t have. So, the writing was rushed and I couldn’t get revisions because it was too late. I had to submit the first version as it was.” – Stephan

“I liked the bidding system because of the low price I got. But the paper I got, I didn’t like. The writer didn’t know anything about the subject and he used too obvious sources.” – Jasmine


You won’t find a chart with a clear price per page for the type of paper, deadline, and quality level you need. This is not the type of service that gets your order and selects one of its professional writers to complete it. It works with a bidding system and you choose your own prices

Since there’s competition among the writers at the site, you can get low prices for the bidders. You pay only for the completed parts of the progressive delivery, but you do provide payment information before placing the order, so the company automatically charges your card. You can’t cheat and not pay if you get the paper, even if it’s not exactly what you needed.

The company accepts PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and other cards.

Discounts and Special Offers

You won’t find a discount code at EssayShark. If you want to get a lower price, you simply choose a bidder whose offer fits in your budget.

You can negotiate the free features with the writers. We recommend you to request a free bibliography and title page, although not all writers will agree to provide it without additional charge.

Website Usability

The usability of the website is not that great. You would think the bidding system saves time, but it doesn’t. Since there are not many writers at the site, you have to wait before you get enough offers. Then, you’ll negotiate with few of the writers to get into details, and we found that none of them were responsive enough.

The range of services is great. You can order any type of paper; you just need to wait and see if someone with proper qualifications is available to complete it.

Customer Support

There is a support team operating 24/7, and you can reach the agents if you send a message through your account. The only problem was – this system was not really functioning. We never got a response from the support when we complain about the poor responsiveness of our author.

Delivery and Quality

After reading a few testimonials about this service, we got the impression it was legit and we decided to give it a chance. It was easy to submit the order, but we had to wait for hours before we got enough bidders to choose from. We chose an author who offered an average price of $20 per page for a 7-day deadline. The writer didn’t have a degree in the relevant area, so we got a piece of paraphrased content from online sources that we easily located.

There was 5% plagiarism in the essay. A teacher wouldn’t be happy to see even minimal levels of plagiarism in a student’s work, since they lead to the source the writer paraphrased.

What Makes Different from Other Services?

Although the writers are not very fast with their responses, the usability of the site is still great. The bidding system enables you to get a lower price. Still, you have to take a risk because you never know what quality you’re gonna get.


It’s a fun service to try for a change. It has a lot of potential to become a great option for students who need writing services, but it’s not there yet.

Date published: 10/04/2018
5.4 / 10 stars

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  1. My experience with is negative. This is the forth bad company I’ve used this year. Continuing the search…

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