It is hard to find a smart, affordable and qualified team to take care of your academic needs. There are hundreds of services online, yet, only a few are able to deliver an eye-catching quality paper on time and within the student’s budget. Moreover, scam among writing website is not a legend, but the sad reality. is a relatively new service offering academic writing to the students of different levels. The bright modern website with funny design attracts young people and friendly support that is ready to answer your pre-sales questions via chat does even more. So, let’s find out if this academic writing team not just only for having fun, but also for getting high marks wherever you are on your educational journey.

Wondering what makes this team different? Here is what listed on their website:

  • Affordable prices
  • No pre-payment
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 100% confidentiality

Love Adventure Times, that’s why I was attracted by EssayVikings team and after I placed an order they disappointed me. The paper was plagiarized! The writer only slightly changed a paper from samples website. Never recommend them to others!” – Jerome P.

“This service is nothing except empty promises. They don’t have a team of qualified writers and are not able to create an essay of the best quality. I am waiting for the refund and not sure if I get it soon.” – Carol S.

Services Offered

When it comes to ordering an academic paper online we are usually trying to find academic writing provider which is capable of delivering any kind of paper. Sometimes we have time for the essay, but not for a book review, or we need a little help with editing and limited with the time and resources because we are tired. So, how Essayvikings can help you in such a case? What kinds of services they provide to their customers?

Well, this team seems to be different from others. EssayVikings work as a marketplace where writers compete for orders. Yet, on the order page, you may find most types of academic papers, as well as ‘Others’ menu to place a custom request. As for editing and proofreading service, this team doesn’t provide it. So, if you are writing yourself and from time to time need help with editing you should probably search for another team.

As for the subjects, they are covering, there are only a few. You can order philosophy paper from them, but programming project or paper on theoretical physics is not available here. Professional services usually employ hundreds and sometimes thousands of writers to cover all possible areas of study and provide top rated service to the customers.

Prices price
Okay, if the service is acting as a marketplace, you are probably wondering how much you will need to spend on your paper writing. No one can tell you the answer since here the entire process of the order is different from the one we used to.

So you are placing an order under the system and wait for bids. The bid is an offer from a writer who is ready to complete your paper following the instructions and by the deadline you set. You can review the writer’s profile, reviews and other information to find out if he or she is worth your attention. You may ask questions about the past experience as well. The price is set by a writer but negotiable. Usually, the higher the price is, the more qualified writer. So, if you need a quality paper to be ready to pay more for it, cheap papers won’t work for you.

After you chose the writer you should place a deposit which is released to a writer when the project is completed.

Discounts, Loyalty program, and other bonuses

As you probably understood there won’t be any discounts or loyalty program for this service. So if you want to pay less choose a cheaper writer, or find another academic writing company. It’s a pity that such a nice modern website doesn’t provide any bonus to the student who decided to roll into the service. There are also no free extras like the title page, formatting, and revisions, all these things you need to include into your order to a writer and in most cases, you’ll need to pay an additional fee for that.

No one will proofread the writer’s paper as well before it is delivered to you. So be ready to search for editing service if you don’t have excellent language skills.

Website usability and special features

As we told before this service has a student-attractive modern website with heroes of Adventure time as the company characters. It is bright and works fast and contain enough information to define how the service works. Unfortunately, the service operates as a marketplace which can be accessed only after the registration, so to find out what they can do you need to register.

On the website, you can find a blog section with numerous resources contributed by writers. Quality of these resources is average.

Papers quality

First, we decided to order a quite complex paper from the service. After waiting for a day we have not got any bids. So we placed an easy to write paper order and got offers from fifteen writers. Prices were different, from 7 USD per page to 67 USD per page from the most experienced writers. We decided to go with 20 USD per page for five days deadline. After choosing a writer we decided to chat with her to find out what she can do for us. In chat, she was not polite and told us that she is already writing our paper and has no time for talks. After that, she disappeared, and only in six(!) days delivered our paper.

The quality of the paper was below average and we asked for the revision. She answered that for revision we need to add a couple of dollars to the order. We refused that and decided to contact support to find out what should we do.

Customer Support

We waited about twenty minutes until we were connected with support agent via chat. We described a situation and asked what we should do in the case. The agent answered that he should consult with the senior management and stayed silent for about thirty minutes. Then he came back and told that we should have discussed revision price before choosing a writer. We were surprised since most services even the marketplace type is offering free revisions with each order with them.


If you have detailed list of instructions and ready to pay a high price for average quality academic writing you can roll into the EssayVikings academic writing service which worked as a marketplace and writers are offering their own prices for the papers.

Date published: 06/01/2018
6.3 / 10 stars

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